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As promised, I received a makeover from a professional makeup artist, Mary Marsh, and I got all of your makeup/skin care questions answered by the pros! Mary and I went to high school together, and when she reached out to me to do this makeover collaboration I loved the idea!

Mary has been working at MAC in the Garden State Plaza since 2013. She told me that she was actually bar tending part time at The Shannon Rose, while in college, and the manager of MAC was one of her customers. She fell in love with Mary’s personality, partly because she was allowed to drink on the job, and just had to have her working at MAC. Ever since then Mary found a love for this artistry, that she didn’t even know she had a talent in.

I told Mary she could do any kind of makeup she wanted to me, and honestly between catching up with each other, and her incredible skill, I felt so relaxed the whole time. I honestly forgot she was doing my makeup until she finished, and I was shocked at how beautiful I looked when I looked in the mirror.

I have gotten my makeup done a number of times, and (I’m not just saying this for my blog) this was hands down the best makeover I’ve had. Mary was super competent and talented, she didn’t hesitate at all when matching my colors and deciding what shades/tones would look best on me. She was also super trusting and relaxing, I even let her put fake eye lashes on me and didn’t bug at all!!

Mary wanted all my readers to have the same experience I did, and wants to offer everyone reading this blog 20% off to book an appointment with her for any event! She loves doing makeup for others as she truly looks at it like a form of art, but told me she especially loves doing makeup for events like weddings. Eventually Mary wants to dabble in the artistic side of makeup and do face makeup to portray mental illnesses, which is something she’s very passionate about and I’m extremely interested in.

Regardless of what kind of event you have, or even if you just want to treat yo self, I recommend Mary Marsh 10/10! And now, the part everyone really cares about:

Q&A with Mary

What is a good light moisturizer for combo acne prone skin, going into the cold weather?
Anything by Murad targets acne and Sunday Riley makes a UFO. Mary humbly bragged, she hasn’t been able to use it because she doesn’t have acne, but it lifts all your scarring within 3 months.

What’s the best foundation out there, in your opinion?
Face and body by Mac (and she doesn’t have to say it because she works at MAC, it’s what she feels) it’s good for every day!

What is the best way to clean makeup brushes?
A brush cleaner called cinema secrets, spot clean every 2 days and deep clean with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo once a week!

How do you find the right foundation for your skin tone?
Get matched by a professional, don’t buy the first time get samples. Mac will always give samples and then try in your car mirror because it’s the most honest mirror in the world.

I was also able to confirm, testing your nipple shade for a nude lip gloss isn’t real.

How do you make your face look pore-less?
For everyday application, use MAC time check lotion as primer, pores and anti aging, for special events use Smashbox primer photo finish with silicon, it covers pores but if you use it every day it’ll clog and break out.

What is your favorite setting spray for long wear?
Skindinavia setting spray.

What is the best bronzer palette?
Anastasia contour pallets is good. No one needs a bronzer pallet but bronzer depends on skin tone, for fair to medium do Laguna by mars, deeper skin tone (NC50 in MAC foundation) do sun power by MAC.

What’s your favorite mascara to get insane lashes if I don’t want to wear falseys or extensions?
Inextreme Dimension by MAC Kush by Milk because it’s fluffy, but use both together.

What makeup trend do you wish wasn’t a thing?
Alottttt, Mary said there’s so many, she hates so many current trends. She’s very over a contoured face, because it’s not you. She doesn’t like the matte skin look, but she loves a wing, and big lips, influenced by Kylie Jenner of course.

Does your skin type affect whether you should use powder or liquid foundation?

Liquid or Powder foundation?
Use both! Sheer liquid and light powder because she doesn’t like a lot of stuff on the face.

Hot lip colors for fall?
Plath by Kat von D, Unicorn Blood by Jeffrey star, because it’s deep and not dry. MAC also comes out with holiday collections every year which are good!

Best Brand of Foundation for dry skin?
MAC face and body is 80% water, forever use HD by makeup forever, but for events only, because it’s expensive and photographs nicely. Set it with a powder after.

Do you prefer a beauty blender or brush for foundation?
When she does makeup on other people she uses a brush because she has more control of it. But, on herself she uses a blender or her hands and then a brush for concealer and to pat anything in.

And finally…… How to get my look:

Brows: MAC omega and charcoal brown eye shadow
Eyes: MAC 24hr eye base, soft brown eye shadow, saddle, brown script, embark, carbon. Stila pearlina liquid shadow
Face: natural radiance primer, face & body n2, full coverage foundation. – all MAC.
NARS radiant creamy concealer. MAC mineralized skin finish, highlight/contour pallet in light/medium. Hyper real pallet skin finish in pink by MAC
Lips: Soar lip liner, fleshpot lipstick, dreamy gloss – all by MAC

You can check out Mary’s Website: to see more of her samples and remember to DM me or let her know you read my blog for 20% off your next makeover!!

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