metta yoga nj grand opening

I had the honor of attending Metta Yoga’s grand opening this past weekend with one of my best friend’s, Kelsey, and just being in that studio is an experience in itself. I am recently obsessed with real estate, interior design, and fitness and I can’t even put into words how Metta Yoga seriously perfected all three of these categories. Completely custom built by hand, from studio owner Jennifer Hansen and her Husband Ross, the studio is just undeniably perfect and truly encompasses Metta Yoga’s vibe.

The weekend was filled with free yoga, aerial yoga demonstrations, essential oil classes, and local health and wellness vendors. Unfortunately I was not able to attend every event, I only attended the slow flow class taught on Saturday morning by Studio Owner, Jennifer Hansen. Although I don’t typically love a slow flow, I definitely feel that it was what my body needed this weekend. There was also no way I was going to drive all the way to Neptune, NJ to be taught by anyone besides Jennifer Hansen.

Metta means kindness, and that is truly the only word I would use to describe Jenn. I took my first yoga class with Jenn last January at a New Year yoga pop up event. I have not been able to find an instructor since who truly allows me to relax in class, listen to the mantras, and feel as comfortable and simultaneously motivated to put all my effort and energy into my yoga practice and into that moment. I have had the privilege of really getting to know Jenn as I interned for her and helped with her social media marketing for Metta Yoga. Through that I gained so much valuable experience from an inspiring entrepreneur, and I was able to practice Yoga in all different kinds of venues. SO moral of the story, if you have an opportunity to take a class that Jenn is teaching, TAKE IT!

This yoga experience was a lot different from other classes I’ve taken, because it was my first Sound-Off Yoga experience. When you walk into the studio you take a pair of headphones for your practice. Wearing these headphones allows you to block out all other surrounding sounds and listen to the music via the headphones. Both instructors also had microphones they used, and this was honestly the closest thing to a private yoga class I have ever experienced. My mind wanders CONSTANTLY, and this was seriously the first time I stayed (almost) 100% focused because of the minimal amount of distractions.

According to their website:, it is Metta Yoga’s mission to provide Metta Yogis with a luxury boutique yoga experience, cultivating spiritual, physical and mental well-being. In a comfortable and calm environment, their teachers strive to provide individualized attention, fostering fun, strength and optimism without pretense. They believe time is our most precious luxury. Ultimately luxury is about living your best life, one that’s rich in experiences and learning, while allowing you time for the things you love the most.

Check out their website to find a class to attend at their studio in Neptune, NJ, or an event at a winery, spa, or brewery all throughout the state. As always, feel free to DM me for any questions about this studio or your yoga practice in general. Practicing yoga as truly transformed my life, and I hope it can have that impact on anyone else who needs it.

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