the halloweekend look

Halloween is coming up, in like 5 minutes to be exact, so if you haven’t been obsessing over your costume for the past few months like I have here’s a guide on how to pick the perfect costume. Now, as an adult, Halloween becomes an entire weekend and that weekend is filled with making costume choices. Your costume all depends on what “look” you’re going for, so I made a guide on my favorite costumes throughout the years:

The “I don’t care” look

This look is pretty easy to achieve and I’ve been doing it since I told my mom I wanted to be “goth” for halloween in the 4th grade and wear all black with black lipstick. Now, you can go to literally any trendy store, website, or Instagram, and find a simple t-shirt with an ironic Halloween saying on it. I got this tank top and the black lip gloss from target, paired it with the jeans and choker I already owned, and my roommate got me the cookie that said “cheers witches”. Nailed it.

The hot costume

This was probably the best I have ever looked on Halloween. This was also the first Halloween I actually went out to a bar. I wore the same black jeans I always have, stole Sabrina’s body suit (obviously) and I’m pretty sure I stole these devil horns from Sabrina too. If you want to achieve this look all you have to do is wear the most revealing shirt you own, and add some kind of ears!

After looking our best, the night ended with me and Sabrina arguing in the Uber over something stupid and I threw her alien antennas out the window on the Parkway. Sabrina spent the rest of the Uber ride making sure the driver knew that she was the one who ordered the uber, not me, and to not let my actions affect her Uber score. I felt so guilty the next day when her mom asked if she can borrow them to be an alien on Halloween (the following day).

The comfy look

This was my staple, go to, costume in college. When I wanted to dress the theme, but still be comfortable in a hot, packed, frat basement where a spilt drink would ruin my outfit anyway, I put on a big t-shirt and wore some spandex shorts. For halloween this year I got a 2X t-shirt from Michael’s, cut the collar, painted a Mean Girls quote, bought some bunny ears from Claire’s, and found some fish-nets, spandex shorts, and sneakers in my closet.

The “I have a best friend” look

AKA the couple costume. There’s nothing I love more than matching a costume with my best friends. A few years ago my little and I went to a party dressed as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. This was another homemade costume I can thank Michael’s for, I even cut out shells from construction paper and hot glued them to my chest…. and yes the hot glue stuck to my bra so that was fun!

Dressing up for Halloween with friends, and making my own costumes started when I was in high school and my best friend Mell and I dressed up as Pebbles and Bam-Bam from the Flintstone’s. This was definitely one of my favorite costumes, and I still remember staying up all night (which was probably till 11 for Junior’s in High School) cutting and gluing all those felt triangles.

The cute look

Last year I entered Brody in the Petco animal costume contest, and sadly we lost. There were pets that were much more photography trained than Brody was. But now, with a year of practice and that same taco costume, it’s over for you Bitches.

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