my Idaho and Oregon adventure

About a year ago, I was able to visit my family in Idaho and Oregon for a few weeks. I was originally going out for my Aunt’s wedding, but was then able to extend my stay to visit my sister at Boise State University and stay out for her 21st Birthday! I don’t get to see my family on that side of the country as often as I would like to, but this trip was well needed and definitely a great time to make life lasting memories with my family.


This part of my blog is not as exciting as my other adventures. I stayed with family throughout the entire trip. While in Idaho I stayed with my Aunt Nene (whose real name is Rene, but I couldn’t pronounce Rene when I was a kid), my cousins Randy, Rebecca, and Mackenzie, and my sister Robyn. When I traveled to Oregon mid-week, I stayed with my Great Grandma and my Great Aunt Kathy.


Although Idaho and Oregon are not known for their food, I was able to find a few good spots that I loved!

Dutch Bros Coffee is for sure, the best coffee place I have ever had. And that means a lot coming from me, but seriously I have never been so obsessed with a coffee place before. I’m just so thankful my sister introduced me to this place, because it was seriously the only way I got through these crazy 2 weeks.

Another breakfast spot I loved was Blue Sky Bagels. They were located right next to my sisters’ apartment at Boise State University. We stopped there the morning of my Aunts wedding to get fresh pressed Kambucha and bagels with fun flavored cream cheese, like pumpkin.

My favorite spot to eat in Boise is the Boise Fry Company. For those of you that don’t know, Idaho is known for their potatoes. The Boise Fry Company is super modern and has a cool industrial vibe. Their menu is simply burgers, fries, and beer; but the cool part is that they have all different types of fries and beers and they show which farm they all came from. They also have all different flavored ketchup’s and dipping sauces to try, which was really fun!  

Boise, Idaho also had great Mexican Food. My family and I went out multiple times to local Mexican restaurants and had great dinners!

In Oregon I decided to cook for my family. They love my mom’s sauce recipe, which she got from my Dad’s side of the family (the Italian side), so I asked my mom for the recipe, went to the grocery store, and I made pasta and garlic bread. My cousin Jay and his two sons came over two with more food, and although it was a challenge finding the right ingredients for dinner in the middle of nowhere Oregon, I had the best time spending the night in the kitchen cooking with my family.

On my way back to Idaho, My Great Aunt and I stopped in Portland and went to Voodoo Doughnuts. This place had the coolest vibe, and the best tasting doughnuts. With tons of flavors to choose from, I finally decided on the cookies and cream one, which was delicious.


Obviously, this my favorite part of every trip, and no one knows how to play harder than my Mom’s side of the family. The trip started with my Aunt’s wedding, which was such a beautiful ceremony, but an even more fun reception. I had so much fun catching up with family members I haven’t seen in forever, meeting my Uncles side of the family, and of course thanks to my Aunt, they had amazing wine all night!

Because I was in Idaho for so long, I spent a lot of time working from home, crafting for my sisters 21st birthday, and going to the gym. I signed up for Orange Theory Fitness while I was in Boise, and I also went to a yoga class at Boise State University, which has the nicest gym I have ever seen! My sister and I spent a lot of time on the BSU campus, which I loved, and we also got to study together as I was taking a grad school jumpstart class and she was still in undergrad at BSU.

When I went to Oregon, I only had 2 days, but those 2 days were well spent. I went hiking at Smith Rock with my Great Aunt, which has the best views.

I also got to go to a place on my bucket list, Powell’s Books. This was the biggest bookstore I have ever been into in my life, and they have so many great used books. Besides new releases, most of the books were used and it was very cool seeing how many donated books now get to be repurposed. I spent some time there waiting for my flight, reading and drinking Kambucha.

Now, my fave part of the trip, my sisters 21st Birthday. We kicked off the celebration by getting matching tattoos on our ribs. It says “In Omnia Priatus” which is from our favorite show, Gilmore Girls. It means I am ready for all things, which we really are.

My cousin Mackenzie and I decorated her house for an alien themed birthday, which was perfect for Robyn. And of course we had a cactus piñata, just to fit my sisters Area 51 vibe. We went out to this really cool bowling alley bar in Boise, where my sister had her first (legal) drink! We then went to buffalo wild wings for a few more drinks before calling it a night.

It was such a great night spent with my favorite people, Robyn and Mackenzie, and a great way to end my west coast trip! Now, I can’t wait for Robyn’s 22nd, in just a few weeks!

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