cyclebar review

I’ve written reviews for a few studios in the past, and I decided to change my format to get straight to the point. So here’s my review of CycleBar! 

Classic with Petr: The basic CycleBar class is all you need. This class is genuinely an experience, as the instructor controls the lights and music as they guide you on your bike through hills, sprints, jogs, legs, abs, and arm workouts; all while staying strapped in your bike.

Sunday Brunch ride with Petr: This was my first class at CycleBar Montclair, and def a good place to start. Petr is easily my favorite instructor at CycleBar, and he makes this fun more fun than brunch (and I really fucking love brunch). With the music up-beat, the lighting perfect, and the vibes in check, I 10/10 recommend this class to EVERYONE!

Hip-Hop Monday with Natalie: Natalie is for sure the hardest instructor I’ve taken a class with, and I have proof of this in my stats. She pushes me to work hard and bring my power points higher and higher every single time, all while listening to my fave music genre: hip-hop.  

Montclair, NJ 

45 minutes

You don’t have to bring anything. They give you a pair of cycle shoes every class, a towel, and they have room temperature and chilled water “on tap”.

Shower/Locker Situation
CycleBar Montclair has an amazingly spacious and comfortable locker room with two fully stocked and spacious showers. Because of this I have become spoiled and I’m immediately disgusted when I go to any other gym.

My Hot Take
The first 15 minutes of the class is awful. No matter how many classes I go to, I always look at the clock during the first 15 minutes and wonder how the fuck I’m ever going to make it through this class. Then I legit get that “runners high” people talk about. I completely tune out everything besides the instructor and listen to exactly what they’re telling me to do. I like this form of spin so much because it is still a total body workout while getting ton of cardio in, and remaining low impact as you stay on your bike.

The atmosphere the instructors create is incomparable. they alter the lights, music, and workout throughout the 45 minute class to allow you to get your best workout. Along with the various versions of hills and flat sprints, they also have (what I call) a reflection song at the end. During this time we put our towels over our monitors and just close our eyes, listen to the music and the words the instructor is saying, and take a few minutes to ride just for YOU.

CycleBar has really become my new favorite (and definitely sweatiest) class.

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