club pilates review

I took Club Pilates, free, intro class. According to their website, Club Pilates believes that Pilates is for every type of body. They uphold Joseph Pilates’ vision: their passion is to help people feel great. The class is a full-body session with one of their talented instructors – each of whom are certified with over 500 hours of comprehensive Pilates training. This session is a great intro to their equipment, the studio, and staff.

Wayne, NJ 

30 minutes

I got to experience the use of a reformer machine, which was honestly life changing. I felt so great on that machine, and I was taught how to incorporate all the other props into my workout, such as blocks, arm ropes, mini bouncy balls, and they had more props such as a bar, weights, and the ropes to do pull up push ups on. 

Shower/Locker Situation
This situation was NOT great. They had cubbies in the front for my stuff and then one bathroom, on the other side of the studio. This was really awk because I came straight from work and had to walk across the floor, in heels, while a class was going on to get changed in a bathroom (with no showers).  

My Hot Take
The class was amazing, but it’s not worth the money. I really enjoy the concept of having an introduction class that is encouraged to take before you take a full class. Learning to use the equipment properly and position my body properly was extremely beneficial and so useful going forward with any workout I do. I definitely felt like I had a great workout, and even had some soreness the next day, all from a 30-minute class; so I can only imagine the benefit that I would gain if I went to Club Pilates regularly. 

That being said, I’ve felt this benefit before. I’ve felt it after I do some of my moms old Pilates DVDs from the 90’s or when I go on YouTube and take classes on Blogilates. A Club Pilates class costs $35 a class, and not only can I get that benefit for practically free, but I can also workout more conveniently. I am CONSTANTLY on the go, and I really need to work out at a studio I can change and shower at, making it convenient to workout in between work, school, and the other thousand things I do a day.  

All the photos in this blog post are from @Clubpilates Instagram

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